Ricola Immunity Package Design

Agency l Eastwest, MG
Role l Creative Director
Client l Ricola, USA


Design packaging for Ricola’s new Immunity line of products.


Born out of the insight that consumers sought a natural product that supported immunity and fought fatigue, Ricola wanted to expand its offerings into the growing Immunity category with a new product launch. Leveraging Ricola’s 85+ year history of herbal innovation, e|wmg designed category relevant packaging and in-store POS to support the launch. Leveraging core Ricola equities made the new offering identifiable on shelf to longtime Ricola users shopping in the immunity aisle. New elements, relevant to the immunity category, were also employed, including a white radiant burst that visually speaks to the brand's powerful efficacy by housing the product benefits. Ricola’s signature herbs are shown grouped with the form identifier to emphasize the brand’s natural point of difference and years of herbal expertise. A banding device telegraphs the SKU name and count as well as ingredient and product imagery, making on-shelf flavor identification easy. Ricola launched Immunity nationwide in CVS locations. The new packaging successfully telegraphs the benefits of the new line and communicates the product’s natural point of difference to stand apart, and out, in the crowded Immunity category.

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