Hungry-Man "Eat Like a Man" Campaign

Agency l Eastwest MG
Role l Creative Director/Social Media Voice
Client l Pinnacle Foods


Increase awareness and brand relevance among a new generation of Millennial males.


When did it happen? When did a salad become a meal? When did a coffee become a double foam, non-fat, mocha latte? It's time to answer the call of your stomach and eat what you love. It’s time to once like a man. Activated across all social platforms, including Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, Hungry-Man joined the on-line conversation by creating relevant content that would specifically resonate with Millennial males. The positioning line, "Eat Like a Man!" unified the brand's message across all mediums, acting as both a rallying cry and call to action. On Facebook and Twitter, Hungry-Man connected with fans through humorous posts which laddered back to the "ELAM" positioning. A brand specific YouTube channel showcasing humorous videos featuring the "ELAM" tagline was created. In-store "ELAM" POS supported. Watch the videos by copying this URL into your browser:

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